Dr Gregor Giebel:

On the Benefits of Distributed Generation of 
Wind Energy in Europe

Here are the pdf-files of my thesis.

The Zephyr homepage, including the authoritative list of short-term forecasting references

My latest project: POW'WOW

My main two literature overviews are the capacity credit and the State-of-the-Art (2003) in short-term forecasting.

A talk I like is the Wind Power Advocacy published e.g. in Brazil.

If you think this is interesting, you might want to read these papers, too:

G. Czisch, G. Giebel: Realisable scenarios for a future electricity supply based 100% on renewable energies. (Invited Paper). In: Energy solutions for sustainable development. Proceedings. Risų international energy conference 2007, Risų (DK), 22-24 May 2007

G. Giebel (ed.), J. Badger, P. Louka, G. Kallos, C. Lac, G. Descombes, A.-M. Palomares, I. Martķ Perez: Description of NWP, Mesoscale and CFD models. Deliverable report for the Anemos project, December 2006

G. Giebel, O. Gehrke, M. McGugan & K. Borum: Common Access to Wind Turbine Data for Condition Monitoring - The IEC 61400-25 Family of Standards.
Paper on the 27th Risų International Symposium on Materials Science, Roskilde (DK), 4-7 Sept 2006

G. Giebel: Wind Power has a Capacity Credit - A Catalogue of 50+ Supporting Studies. WindEng EJournal, windeng.net, 2005.

G. Giebel, M. Nielsen & B. Hurley: Is least cost wind power always local in Europe? A balancing act between more transmission and lower load factor.
Paper on the 2nd Risų International Energy Conference, Risų (DK), 23-25 May 2005

G. Giebel, N.G. Mortensen & G. Czisch: Effects of Large-Scale Distribution of Wind Energy in and around Europe.
In: Risų International Energy Conference, Risų (DK), 19-21 May 2003 p. 115-124

G. Czisch & G. Giebel: A Comparison of Intra- and Extraeuropean Options for an Energy Supply with Wind Power.
Talk on the EWEC Special Topic Conference in Kassel, 25-27 Sept 2000

G. Giebel: Equalizing Effects of the Wind Energy Production in Northern Europe Determined from Reanalysis Data
A short treatise I did for the PSO (Public Service Obligation) utilities in the Nordic countries.

G. Giebel et al: The CleverFarm Project - Working Towards an Intelligent Wind Farm
A paper for the Global Wind Power Conference in Paris, 2-5 April, 2002

G. Giebel et al: Zephyr - The Next Generation Prediction System
The updated version of the paper for Kassel, handed in at the EWEC 2001 in Copenhagen.

P. Christensen & G. Giebel: Availability of Wind Turbines in Remote Places. A Statistical and a Real-Time View.
Talk held on the EWEC 2001 in Copenhagen (July 2-6).

S.J. Watson, G. Giebel and A. Joensen: The Economic Value of Accurate Wind Power Forecasting to Utilities
Talk held at the EUWEC 1999 in Nice (1-5 March).

More can be found in a Risų search.

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